Terrifying! White collar workers suffer from tuberculosis due to improper weight loss

Miss Liu, a white-collar worker, only eats vegetables for each meal, or is she the type who doesn't have enough to eat. I completely quit all kinds of snacks that I love in my daily life. Miss Liu had difficulty eating and sleeping well during the monthly consecutive overtime work at her workplace, and eventually fell ill. Coughing, fever, and overall fatigue have occurred, and taking medication at home has not improved. Finally, upon examination at the hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed as pulmonary tuberculosis.

Weight loss leads to other illnesses.png

Now many people think that tuberculosis is only a disease in the old society, and only those who are engaged in labor or living in relatively hard and poor life are prone to disease. This idea is wrong. Facts have proved that due to the increased population mobility, the high-risk population of tuberculosis in China has expanded from migrant workers and other manual workers to white-collar workers, students and other people.

Modern people have too much pressure in life. They sit in the office facing the computer every day and seldom do any activities. Students have heavy academic work and are easy to ignore physical exercise. Overwork will lead to reduced resistance, thus becoming a high-risk group for tuberculosis. Ms. Liu mentioned in the above news is tuberculosis caused by malnutrition caused by weight loss, deliberate diet control, and low immunity due to work pressure.

In fact, if you want to lose weight through diet, you don't have to resort to extreme measures like dieting. Actually, many foods themselves are great weight loss tools.



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