Fat mothers have a high risk of childbirth, be careful of difficult childbirth and heavy bleeding!

On the noon of December 13th, a special surgery was performed at Hunan Provincial People's Hospital. A pregnant woman weighing 280 pounds came to the hospital. Due to her severe overweight, the difficulty of the surgery and anesthesia doubled. So, under the urgent discussion and assistance of obstetricians, a total of 16 medical staff from obstetrics, anesthesia, and neonatology departments worked together and finally succeeded in delivering the baby!

The topic # 280 kg postpartum woman successfully delivered # has also been trending on Sina, and many netizens have expressed:

"I admire the man who made her pregnant!"

"Like the medical staff, thank you for your efforts, great!"

Some netizens are also concerned:

"It's not good if Mom is too fat or too thin."

"For the sake of children's health, it is also necessary to reduce weight appropriately."

"Although you should pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy, you still need to pay attention to your weight."

"Can children inherit obesity or diabetes?"

Being too fat is a very dangerous thing for pregnant women.jpg

My first reaction when I saw the news was also - does being so fat have an impact on my baby?

It can be certain that being too fat is a very dangerous thing for pregnant women.

Studies have shown that pregnant women are too fat to cause some complications, such as pre eclampsia, pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy hypertension and premature delivery. Due to the accumulation of body fat, tissue elasticity is weakened, which can easily cause weak contractions and delayed delivery, or lead to massive bleeding during childbirth. Obese pregnant women are mostly caused by excessive nutrition, resulting in a significant increase in baby weight, and the heavier the baby's weight, the higher the incidence of difficult childbirth.

The doctor's inspection also found that the 280 kg pregnant woman suffered from severe pre eclampsia, hypertension, diabetes, cardiomegaly, grade III cardiac function, pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, hypoproteinemia, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea syndrome, and erysipelas in the right lower limb, which were extremely high-risk.

In addition to the complications of pregnant women themselves, obesity can also harm babies.

Research has shown that women who are obese before pregnancy are more likely to develop fetal birth defects than those with normal weight, which can also increase the risk of fetal macrosomia and postnatal hypoglycemia. The fetal mortality rate is higher than that of general pregnant women. Moreover, the fatter the pregnant woman is, the thicker the blood vessel wall of the newborn will be. Thickening of the blood vessel wall is a major risk factor for children to suffer from heart disease and stroke in the future. The incidence rate of type II diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular disease will be significantly higher than that of normal people in adulthood.



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