The "miracle medicine for weight loss" is booming

The popularity of the two giants in weight loss drug manufacturing, Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly's Semaglutide and Retatrutide, is causing changes in the healthcare market and other industries.

The Retatrutide drug produced by Lilly for the treatment of type 2 diabetes is called Mounjaro, which can help overweight or obese patients lose 16% (more than 34 pounds) in nearly 17 months. The Semaglutide drug produced by Novo Nordisk is called Wegovy, which can reduce the daily calorie intake of the human body by 20-30%, thereby reducing the intake of high sugar and high-fat foods.

Simply put, two drugs can achieve good weight loss effects, sparking a strong demand for weight loss "miracle drugs" in the market after their launch, and even Tesla CEO Musk has "promoted" them, facing a serious global supply shortage.

On the night when Lilly released its second quarter financial report, individual stocks of Lilly and Novo Nordisk surged by over 14% overnight, with a total market value increase of over 120 billion US dollars, exceeding 850 billion RMB. The combined market value of the three largest medical companies in A-share market, Mindray, Hengrui, and WuXi AppTec, is several billion more.

The strong market demand made Lilly and Novo Nordisk once face the problem of insufficient production capacity, and even led to the situation of "weight loss and diabetes patients competing for drugs". With the continuation of the boom, not only the diabetes drug market, but also the aftershock of this "magic drug" impact on weight loss is shaking many industry markets.

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